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I am a retired doctor and have been playing guitar since I was 14, at first in bands (lead and/or bass). Then, after lessons with Colin Downs in my 20s, I started playing classical guitar. The stimulus for changing was hearing John Williams for the first time. After a layoff due to career and family reasons I took up lessons again with Adrian Neville, who took me though grade 8 and then, with additional lessons from Mark Eden, I did ARSM. Since Adrians semi-retirement I have lessons with Mark. As well as solo classical I play with my friend Chris Nash in a duo. We have played at community centres, golf clubs and restaurants. I also once played in Italy (with a Jazz band) and France (with a baroque flautist).

I am the secretary of the society, whch I think is a really important part of the local music culture as it helps people like me to overcome performance nerves and also supports concerts and the Winchester Guitar festival.

Chris Thompson

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