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Why not visit the Members Forum here. You'll have to log in but then you'll be able to post news, questions, start a discussion - whatever takes your fancy about all things guitar. For example Penny Candlin has posted news of the Cuban Guitar Quartet's debut album, Sandunga!. Her guitar teahcer, Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas, is a member of the quartet. See the post here and leave a comment if you wish - particularly if you know what Sandunga means and can enlighten us all.

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Here's our latest Newsletter from David Chillingworth

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Because the Society has not been able to offer its normal programme of meetings and concerts, the Committee has decided to reduce the annual subscription, due in  January 2021, to £5.00. Please ACT NOW to change your change your subscription for 2021. Read more on our Membership page here.



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Although we haven't met in person since March 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, there's still the opptortunity to get together on a Zoom call on our usual meeting day (the last Wednesday of the month). Watch out for a Zoom invitation the week before, and if you haven't tried Zoom yet read some guidance here.

J U L I A N  B R E A M

Julian died earlier this year and his friend, colleague and our Honorary Life President, John Mills, has written a fond remembrance of this immensely talented musician and guitarist here

L O C K D O W N  E N S E M B L E

Some of our SCGS members have been busy during lockdown! Many, many thanks to Mark Eden for making possible and editing this ensemble recording of Richard Charlton's Partial Eclipse. We hope you enjoy it!

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