M e m b e r  M e e t i n g s

The first half of the meeting is usually reserved for some simple sight-read ensemble.

After the break anyone can perform if they want to. All standards of player welcome. All we require is to treat it as a 'performance' and to have put in a bit of practice in advance.

VL-C_Performance Evening.jpg

Vincent Lindsey-Clarke plays a new composition to members

There are the following variations:

Feb: we are usually young by young players for the first half of the evening

May: a guest player in the second half - often a final year student from one of the big music colleges

Aug: something different in the second half such as other types of plucked, fretted instrument, Summer party etc

Nov: a themed evening, usually our 'Composers Night' where all pieces are by the same writer, and no ensemble


There is no meeting at the end of Decemberbut we normally have a Christmas party earlier in the month. Also, the church does not hire out the centre during Holy Week (Easter) so if this clashes with the March meeting (every 4/5 years) we bring it forward a week